Welcome to Bal’more!

Hello everyone! So this week has been crazy, and slow all at the same time. I was transferred to Baltimore City on Wednesday. I was pretty sad because the work in Hampstead was just starting to roll, but I guess this is where God wants me now!

My new area has no investigators, so it is a lot of trying to talk to young people around the Harbor and on the college campuses. It is slow, but we are starting to see some potential.

Outside of that, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about this week. I really do cover all of Baltimore, so a lot of our time is spent on public transportation trying to get to places, and then talking to all the young people we can since that is all we are allowed to teach as YSA missionaries. We have one apartment in Towson, MD.

The view from our Baltimore apartment on a rainy day!

We also have another apartment in Downtown Baltimore that we can use for when we get caught in Baltimore and can’t get back to Towson, so that we have a place to stay!

“Tag Alley” downtown Baltimore

Most of my pictures this week are of Baltimore City, from last preparation day and from walking around it this week. Sorry I don’t have more to talk about this week! Love you all!

–Elder Carter


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