Exchanges definitely bring miracles!

So this week was a pretty slow one again.

We haven’t been able to get in contact with Joyce, so that is a bummer. We don’t know what happened, because she was so on fire after our lesson with her last week. JR’s mom is supposed to be back in town this week so we should hopefully be able to meet with her this week. And Sanchez, the 17 year old investigator who is super on fire but who’s aunt won’t let him get baptized, is moving to Atlanta, Georgia this week so we are going to be losing him as well. So things are kind of just dropping this week.

The one very cool part of my week was on Wednesday. Last week, we got a call from Elder Allen (one of my old zone leaders) and Elder Larson, saying that President Christiansen has assigned them to go on exchanges with companionships that President feels will be key for leadership in the next few transfers, since we are losing almost 100 missionaries and gaining the same in new missionaries. So needless to say, that freaked me out. But we scheduled it, and that happened on Wednesday. Boy was I wrong!!! We blitzed our area, which means we had four missionaries working in groups of 2 in the same area for a day. I got to work with Elder Larson. I was not excited about that because I already knew Elder Allen, and thought it would be easier and less intimidating to work with him, but the Lord knows best! I learned so much from Elder Larson! He taught me how to plan better, study better, work harder, talk to more people, and how to trust in the Lord and in the plans he has helped us make to be more effective. We worked super hard all day, and saw MIRACLES!

Elder Larsen on the bucket, Elder Allen on the left, my companion in the middle. Awesome missionaries!

We were walking toward a group of apartments to knock, and he asked me which group we should start with. I pointed to the first one that stuck out. So the first door we knock, this guy named Dennis opens the door. 45 minutes later he is promising us glasses of lemonade the next time we come by, and says he will read the Book of Mormon any time he gets free time! That was so awesome! Then we have a lesson that night with Sanchez. The plan was to teach him about enduring to the end since he is moving, and will have to start with new missionaries, but right before the lesson he calls us to tell us that he is bringing his friend Tiyon to the lesson. So we teach a similar lesson, but Sanchez is able to bare testimony to his friend of how the Book of Mormon, and church has blessed his life. And he is so awesome! We had the lesson at the home of the Gomez family, some members in the ward. Their sons are usually pretty quiet, especially Erik. He almost never says anything. But at the end of the lesson, Elder Larson was telling Tiyon about how the Book of Mormon makes us different, and why we talk about it so much, when Erik jumps in out of no where! He says,” But wait, you are missing something!” So we asked him what we are missing, and this is where he bares the most amazing testimony about how the Book of Mormon isn’t just different, it is the TRUTH! The spirit hit me super hard, and I really hope Tiyon felt it too. He promised to meet with us again before Sanchez moves on Thursday. So needless to say Elder Larson is amazing and that entire day was just fantastic. I have not gone to bed so happy in a little while, and I am so grateful for the chance that I had to work with him and to learn from him!

On Sunday, Sanchez was at church. And we picked up one new investigator named Brandon that is super awesome and already agrees with a lot we believe. It was super funny because as we were walking away after our lesson he yelled to us that we are now his “god-brothers.” I look forward to working with him! Love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Carter


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