Guided by the spirit!

Well there isn’t a whole lot to talk about this week. It has been pretty slow, and none of our investigators are really progressing. We did pick up one cool investigator named Clement. We were given his information because he requested a Bible, and he let us right in the door! He was quick to tell us he was of another faith, but then let us share the entire Restoration lesson! By the end, he asked how he could get his own copy of the Book of Mormon, and set up an appointment to meet with us again next Sunday. So that was cool.

We also picked up another investigator because her daughter is a member and is visiting. So they both came to church! And Elder Chamberlain was speaking in church on the best topic to teach a new person about… The Book of Mormon! After Sacrament meeting she came over and said that she felt like his talk was just coming at her the entire time. So we have an appointment with her tonight. Her name is Joyce, and she even offered to feed us dinner which is always a plus haha.

Now for the coolest story. We are out, walking around trying to knock some doors and visit people who have been willing to talk to us in the past. So we walk around this little town-home community. We walk past this girl cleaning out her car, say hi, and keep walking. No big deal. Knock a couple of doors. We are walking back to our car and we walk past this girl cleaning out her car again. She says hi and we say hi back, and then we kept walking. Then the spirit hit me. Like super strong. We needed to go back to talk to her. I was a little reluctant since we had already walked past her twice and said hi both times, but there was no denying the spirit and the feeling that we needed to go back. So I stop Elder Chamberlain and I am like, “we need to go back and talk to her.” He seemed confused, but said okay and just went with it. So we go up and start talking to her. It is like any other street contact, except a little more awkward because we had walked by a couple of times. But then I testified of the Plan of Salvation. No joke, I have no idea why! I almost never use the Plan of Salvation on the first contact, but I did! And then she tells us about how a friend of hers had just been shot over money, and how she has been struggling with this for the last couple of days. Woah!!! So we talk about how the Book of Mormon testifies of this plan and can guide us through our trials, and she asks where she can buy a copy. Well BAM, here is one for you right now! Her name is Brittney. And she wasn’t willing to set up an appointment with us right then, but she took the copy of the Book of Mormon and our phone number and said she would read some. I don’t know if we will ever hear from her again, but it was so cool to see the spirit work so strongly through me to be able to testify of something right then and there that she needed, that I had no idea she needed.

This church is true. I wouldn’t be able to be here, doing what I am doing, talking to people about religion like I am, without this knowledge. I would not have already been able to change and to become better like I have, if it weren’t true. Jesus Christ lives; he loves ALL of his children, and I am so grateful for this knowledge and the chance that I have to share it with others. I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Carter


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