Happy 4th of July!!!

Look whose grave sight I went to!!

Well this week has been pretty good! For the 4th, we were given the entire day off! They moved our preparation day to Tuesday, and didn’t want us to proselyte after 6 so they just gave us the entire day off. So we took a group of us into Baltimore city for the day! So I got to see the Harbor

and a few other sights. I will attach a bunch of pictures I took while I was there, because it was super fun! I also got to experience the metro and the light rail for the first time, so that was fun!

So none of our investigators came to church on Sunday… except Sanchez! We met with him Saturday and he was like, “I need you guys to find me a ride to church tomorrow, because I know I need to be there.” So that was awesome! Antoine, Sam and his family, and Vito all committed to go and bailed. So that stunk. And I had to give a talk in church at a missionary farewell, and I don’t think I did very good. So church was just a bummer all around besides Sanchez.

As for other investigators this week, we finally were able to meet with JR’s family!!! We had an appointment Wednesday, but no one was home. So we went back Friday night and knocked. We were there on the doorstep for a couple of minutes and didn’t get an answer. So I put a card in the door and we started to walk away when the door opened. It was JR’s mom, Brittney, and she invited us right in! As we were walking up the steps she picked up the card and was like, “The Book of Mormon? Wait are you guys Mormons?!” Of course, we were very happy to say, “yes we are, and we would love to share more about the Book of Mormon with you if you will let us!” She let us right in, and we had an awesome lesson. She is going to be out of town for a couple of weeks, but she is very eager to meet with us when she gets back, and promised to read the Book of Mormon between then and now. I was so excited!

Well, I will be sure to send some pics from Baltimore, and I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Carter

Baltimore Oriole Park at Camden Yards

More pics of the Harbor


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