The search was on!

Ok, so this week had it’s pluses and minuses.

We had a lesson with Brandon and Marquis, the two brothers me and Elder Hopper started teaching my first week in Hampstead. It was not good. Brandon has this list of anti-mormon literature that he refuses to get past, but in the end we were able to turn the lesson around to teach about the importance of faith. So we got them to commit to coming to church, and to talking with our bishop here because he is amazing. So Sunday rolls around, and five minutes before church starts we get a text from Brandon saying they aren’t going to make it. So we ask them if we can meet with them this week, and they said no because we “haven’t brought anything to the table.” I was super offended and a little mad because the only reason none of our lessons go anywhere with them is because Brandon keeps pulling out that stinkin list, so I had to step away from the phone for a while before I texted them back to keep my cool.
One cool thing that happened started a couple weeks ago. Me and Elder Hopper (before he got transferred) were walking around just talking to people when we met this old guy named Ron. Ron talked to us for a little, and gave us his address to stop by. So we stopped by a couple of times, but never found him at home. So fast forward to this week, me and Elder Chamberlain decide to go see him, and find out he is a member! He has been inactive for years, but after our lesson he said he wanted to start coming back to church and meeting with us, and he actually came on Sunday! So that was a cool blessing for me to see how I can bless the lives of members as well as people who are not members of this church.
Last thing for this week. I hope you all remember that family that I helped move a couple of weeks ago. Their son was named JR, and him and I were buds. Well I really wanted to find them again, and I knew the general area where they moved to, so we put that area in our plans a couple of times. Never really found anything. So this week, one morning I was praying and I asked Heavenly Father specifically to help us find JR. So halfway through the day we are walking around knocking some doors, and JR comes walking out of one of the houses just down the road! So we found them, set up an appointment, and will be meeting with them on Wednesday! I am super excited!
Besides that, we found an old man named Sam who let us teach him and his two grandkids, and we will be meeting with them again this week. So it was a better week for me!
Love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Carter

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