Elder Chamberlain and I hitting the streets!

So there isn’t a whole lot to email about this week. It has just been a long tough one, with not a whole lot to show for the work we are putting in. Elder Chamberlain is great! He is a little more serious than Elder Hopper, but we get along fine and we are putting in some good work together!

A couple of hard working missionaries!!

The one cool experience we had this week was we got to meet with Jason’s neighbor, Vito! (The one who poked his head out the door last week to ask for another copy of the Book of Mormon) It was a really good lesson! And after the lesson, he said he really wants to come to church to see what we are all about! So that was a really cool lesson, and it was the first lesson I taught with Elder Chamberlain.

Besides that, none of our investigators want to progress, none of them want to make commitments, and if they do make commitments then they won’t keep them. Leading out the area has been super hard, but we are getting there and the progress will come as we continue to be faithful and to work hard. Sorry I don’t have a lot to talk about this week. Love you all!

Elder Carter


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